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Our members include our core staff who run Thinking Space day-to-day, our wider team of philosophers who join us to work on specific projects, our patrons who advocate for us from their positions of influence and our network of supporters whose input helps us plan and promote our work.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Thinking Space, get in touch.


Web profie Grace jpg.jpg


Grace is the founder and Executive Director of Thinking Space. She is also the companies' senior consultant.

She works in public philosophy and in academia and is espacially interested in education, ethics and aesthetics.  

Jan Winter.jpeg

Jan Winter

Jan is a Non-Executive Director of Thinking Space guiding our business strategy and development and supporting our bid writing.

She is also a Freelance Arts Consultant with expertise in business development and bid writing. She has many years of experience as a cultural manager.



Web profile Emma.jpg

Emma Worley

Emma is a Non-Executive Director of Thinking Space guiding our vision and strategy. 

Emma is also Co-CEO

of the educational charity, the Philosophy Foundation, work that earned her an MBE in 2020.


Web profile Darren.jpg

Darren Chetty

Darren is a Philosopher, Facilitator, Trainer and Writer for our team.

He is also the writer of various books, articles and podcasts, a SAPERE trainer,

a qualified primary teacher and a Teaching Fellow at UCL, where he is also completing his PhD.

Web profile Sophie.jpg


Sophie is a Philosopher, Project Manager and Facilitator joining Thinking Space as a founder member.

Having studied philosophy at university, she now also works in sex and relationships education for Book and in policy at University of Salford Students' Union.

Web profile Ellie.jpg



Ellie is a Philosopher, Project Manager, Facilitator and Trainer for Thinking Space and is one of our founding members.

She previously studied philosophy as a postgraduate and went on to work in Public Engagement at the University of Bristol.


Naziya O'reilly

Naziya is a Philosopher, Facilitator and Consultant for Thinking Space. 


She specialises in restorative Justice, has a PhD in Philosophy of Education and is a Visiting Lecturer in the Institute of Childhood and Education at Leeds Trinity University.


Kate Halliwell

Kate is a Facilitator, Trainer and Project Manager for our team working in Sheffield.


She is also a primary teacher, a SAPERE and DialogueWorks Trainer and an independent facilitator of Community Philosophy sessions and clubs across Sheffield.


Amber D'Albert

Amber is a Philosopher, Facilitator and Consultant for Thinking Space and is one of our founding members.


She is MD of Blue Door, working in creative development for brands and TV companies. She also leads gender equality project The Global Reset.



Isabella is freelance Facilitator for Thinking Space based in Scotland.

She has an MA in Philosophy and also works for The Philosophy Foundation and the University of Aberdeen where she is an eLearning Advisor.


Maria Prodromou

Maria is a London-based Philosopher,  Facilitator and Trainer for Thinking Space 

She has a PhD in philosophy and facilitates philosophy using Gestalt and P4C methods. She is a trainer for SAPERE and DialogueWorks and has trained teachers in the UK and internationally.


Elliott Woodhouse

Elliott is a Philosopher and Facilitator for our team.


He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield

working on the ethics of geoengineering, a co-organiser of the Pursuit of Knowledge conference and previously worked with Philosophy in the City.



Alex is one of our freelance Facilitators working in Germany.


He is also Head of Education at the After-School Programme at Primary School Martin Schule Forchheim whilst studying for an MA in Ancient Philosophy and is a Specialist with The Philosophy Foundation.


Jane Gately

Jane is a Thinking Space Philosopher, Facilitator and Project Manager.

She is also a PhD candidate at the University of Birminghamwriting on philosophy in schools.
She is a qualified teacher and co-organiser of the 

Pursuit of Knowledge.





Lizzy is our Patron having previously been a founding director of the company, working with is on school projects, a book and various conferences.

Lizzy is the former president of ICPIC, a DialogueWorks and SAPERE trainer and a Values-based Education Consultant in Philosophy for Children.


Aaron Meskin

Aaron is our Patron and an honorary member of Thinking Space having collaborated on various public philosophy and academic projects including our latest book.


He is also a department Head and Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Georgia.

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