Philosophy with younger children

Our exercises and enquiries for children in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One explore philosophical problems through stories, play and practical activities. From problem pets to pleasing all the guests at a birthday party, we have lots of ideas and inspiration for those working with younger children.

Philosophy with older children

Our stimuli and session plans for children in Key Stage Two and Three introduce  philosophical questions that connect to big ideas in the curriculum, culture, and current affairs. Swapping heads, befriending computers and being eternally happy, we have lots of ideas and inspiration for those working with older children.

Philosophy with teenagers

Our resources for young people in Key Stage Four and Further Education explore philosophical issues from the personal to the political. From the ethics of AI, to the epistemological implications of fake news, we have plenty of ideas to help students approach life and learning with criticality and confidence.

Philosophy with adults

Our materials for adults include resources for professional philosophers on ways to enhance their teaching and workshop plans for participants who are complete novices. Whatever the audience, we devise materials that are interesting and inclusive, which means content-rich and jargon-free.

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Creative Philosophical Enquiry is a FREE practitioner guide and set of resource cards that describes our collaborative experiments with philosophy in schools. Click on the images to download your copy, or search for something specific here.

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Philosophy for Children Theories and Pra

Our team have contributed to various books and articles on philosophical enquiry in schools and communities. In 2020, Grace co-edited an international handbook on Community Philosophy which included chapters by our philosophers and partners.
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